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Soccer Club

Erie Junior Commodores

The Erie Sports Center is the home of the Erie Commodores Soccer Club. If you are looking to get involved in soccer or take your game to the next level with a travel soccer team the Erie Commodores is the place to play. The Erie Commodores is the highest level of soccer in Erie with NPSL Mens and UWSL Womens teams, junior club and multiple community outreach programs.

Please visit the Erie Junior Commodores club website for more information.

Lacrosse Club

The Erie Sports Center Lacrosse Club is the cities leading lacrosse organization. With top college coaches, skills development programs and high quality travel teams, it is the place to be if lacrosse is your game. Hosting two major lacrosse tournaments a year an indoor league and outdoor leagues means you can work on your game year round.

ESC LAX provides a training program for players looking to increase their development, regardless of current skill level or previous playing experience.

Our mission is to provide players with continuous lacrosse training throughout the year. We take pride in developing athletes by providing them with as many opportunities as possible. We strive not only to grow the talent on the field, but also the character and sportsmanship of the players off the field. ESC Lacrosse provides the best quality coaching in the Erie area with access to both indoor and outdoor lacrosse facilities. Whether your child is beginning to learn the sport or is trying to refine and expand his skills, ESC Lacrosse will give them the greatest opportunities around. The foundation of the program is constructed of coaches whose mission is to advance the ability and character of today’s player and to grow the sport in the Erie area.